Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Just a few things:

1. Check out the MRI blog if you are bored. We've had a lot of cool stuff go down recently that we're pretty proud of. The photo below is from a live lightpainting booth we set up at Studio B. We're doing the next one on April 3rd, so be durr.

2. Also, a friend of a friend of mine, HyLoFi, is a hell of a musician and he just put together his first ever music video. I dig it, and stay tuned to his youtube as he hopes to be doing one a week.

3. Also, Robocop. If you haven't seen it lately, watch it again. I think it is a near perfect action movie. In fact it might be perfect. Rivaled only by Aliens in its Light-years-ahead of its time awesomeness. In the near future I'm going to have "VerhoevenNacht" at my house. We'll watch the greatest of the Paul Verhoeven movies in this order:
1. Robocop
2. Total Recall
3. Starship Troopers
4. Showgirls

Not kidding. Verhoeven 4 Life!


Joe Tower said...

You guys rule so hard.

Keep it rocking and of course, I'm always down for some logo designing ish, dunny.

Anonymous said...

YES! to the comment above!