Monday, September 29, 2008

Name Mikey Acid

It's nice to hear Mikey Skinner's voice again. From his sorta-hooded-out first record, to his story album about growing fame and adventures, and his last album that covered the pitfalls of real fame and rockstar celebrity, it's been great watching him grow up. I suppose he just reflects whats in front of him. Luckily he does it over great beats. And say what you will, in his own english way, he kind of, sort of, redefined "rapping". I'm excited to watch his next step. Check out "Everything Is Borrowed" from the album of the same name.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Devin Drop Acid

So, since Devin the Dude has a new album coming out, and since he is without a doubt the greatest mind to walk the earth since my uncle Jeff. I'm posting all of his "High Y'all Doin" Webisodes. Alright, i'm just bored and its raining and this shit is cracking me the hell up.
Do it Devin,
High Y'all Doin...(Intro)

High Yall Doin (Episode 2 - PSA)

High Yall Doin - Episode 3 - New Spice 1 Track

HIgh Y'all Doin - Episode 4 (Timepiece Update)

High Y'all Doin - Episode 5 - @ The Coughee Pot

Have a Great Weekend. All you NY heads, come to Artists and Fleas tomorrow. We'll be there selling some shee-it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome to the Fall

The weather in New York airs out a bit, and everyone calms down accordingly.
Thanks to a post by BV, I'm really digging this gentleman's music right now...
Seems to be a perfect soundtrack for watching the leaves fall. The hope is that the world decays and dissipates, dies through the winter, and comes out on the other side with a few new questions to answer. Isn't that what Fall is all about?

So its cooler outside, and you still hear, "stop looking at me you fucking junkie" on the street in Astoria. Only now it stops there. Instead of a shiv, its a shrug. We're all of us crawling back inside for the cool air that demands it.

Thankfully the hustle summer didn't seem so hustle-y in New York this year. I sweat through fewer pairs of socks than in previous years, but there were some brutal ones, to be sure. Those summer days where even the air is urgent - saturated, and ready to crack all over everyone. Two years ago we swam through Brooklyn only to show up late to a Boot Camp Clik reunion (how many of those have there been now?). You could see the air. It clung to you and asked politely for your wallet.

What a unique experience. This city in any season. Summer though, everything sweats and everyone hustles harder. The walls of the subway station are slick. It cools and dries and goes god-knows-where once you get on the refrigerated train.

Point is, I'm glad its Fall. I just moved into a brand new place with my girl. We have arcade basketball and a hell of a collection of zombie flicks to plow through. You are all invited. I look out my windows and I see green trees waving away in the wind. The woman who lives behind us gives voice lessons on the weekends. We can hear them practice their octaves. Its amazing if they are good. Obnoxious if they are rookies.

We painted our bedroom blue. It works. The bar down the street - 2.50 for a dozen wings on Sundays. My bank account - flush enough to let it be. My fridge - full enough in a pinch, blank enough to get creative. I make my own bloody marys on Sundays and settle down to nap on the absorb my fantasy lineup by osmosis.

Life is indeed good. Yet, in my storm of contentedness, I've lost a bit of my ol' standby. My complex. The one that had me trying to please everyone, all the time. I suppose it comes from having a big family, but I am a diplomat. Through and through. Its served me well, but its also tripped me up more times than I care to recount.

So, somehow the wheel starts to spin upward. I'm happy and content in my whitewalled living room, watching the cardinals out my back window, and I am SO less eager to please anyone, save for a narrow few. Jarring for those who were used to it for so long, but a strong salve to my girl and myself - who found the short end of the stick too often.

So we go. Onward and upward folks! My girl has a gallery show this week, you should come.

We'll also be selling our MRI lightpainting shee-it at that outdoor market thing in Williamsburg on Saturday. Come throw money at us.

Man I hope all this didn't sound pretentious. Ha...