Monday, March 23, 2009

Brazilian Ban

From Michelle: "just for kicks, how about you write about NJ wanting to ban Brazilians. I wanna read this one."

OK, i got this. The New Jersey State Cosmetology and Hairstyling Board (a real, actual legislative body) recently moved to ban the Brazilian Wax after two women got infections after undergoing the procedure, in which body hair is forcibly removed from a person's pubic area, via hot wax and..stuff.

USA Today breaks it down

Now, I think this is a bit of overreaction on the part of the NJSCHB. What should be banned is the place these women got their Brazilians done. If your "Aesthetician" is a Guido in Newark who gives "waxes" using hot driveway tar and duct tape in the back of a windowless van covered in Yeast Infection then you deserve whatever infection you got. So suck it up and don't ruin it for everyone else.

In closing, although painful for those receiving them, Brazilians are ultimately pretty cool, and if they ban them in Jersey then we will have more of those Jersey types clogging the bridges and tunnels to get renegade waxes in the "free" state of New York. No one wants that.

Thank you.

EDIT in response to "clean" comments: Balls. Fucker. Asspuncher. Boobies.


Anonymous said...

If this was a facebook status/post, I'd give it a "I like this" thumbs up. Cleaner than expected from you. ;)

hell is hot said...

god bless those brazilians for their waxes and for their lovely nuts.
its always been one of my favorite things to find a brazilian nut in a can of mixed ones, you know?
based on this alone, waxes shouldnt be banned dude.
(thats one hell of an argument)