Thursday, September 28, 2006

Moving up


Just got a promotion. Im moving on up to the embattled position of "assistant" or "assistant assface" according to Ogre.

I will be working for the advertising director of an entirely different set of labels under our massive umbrella. More music, more money, hopefully more crazy shit. This is happening extremely fast. I was not supposed to move up for at least 8 months, and after only 3, I am on my way up.

Fuck, I get brief flashes of crisis as I feel I am growing up too fast, but Ive done the young guy shit. I went to college, drank my nuts off, got laid, duct taped 40's to my hands, tea-bagged people, got tea-bagged, disregarded my responsibilities, all that shit. For five years. I would be stupid to not keep pushing as a "grown up", and obviously I am doing something right.

So now, I am going to throw myself in even further, hustle even harder, thats what people do out here, hustle, look out for themselves, get theirs, make friends (or whatever "networking" is conisdered) get fucked up, and avoid burning bridges. This might turn me into more of an asshole, or less. Who knows. My stories might start to suck, or they might get better, who knows. I might meet more women, or less. Who knows.

HOWEVER, I have not had a night out to celebrate this new job shit, which is bugging me. This weekend im going for it. Hard.

I also fell in love the other day. My train was fucked up and it turned out i couldn't get a train home, so this absolutely beautiful woman and I agreed to split a cab since we were going towards the same area. She had to have been about 36, and fucking gorgeous...foreign, spanish maybe. Anyway, this girl was older, mature, so my normal "buy shots and say offensive things" routine was not going to work. So I dusted off the ol' charm. Turns out she worked in the media biz, made a shit ton of money, and retired early. Fuck. Now she just hangs out.

Ah fuck, i walked away with an email address. WHICH is better than nothing. I will keep you posted. Even if its five years from now, I will shower with this woman.

Ok, another shitty post. I am sorry, but hey.

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