Friday, September 15, 2006

Fashion Weak

Its raining and that Criss Angel Mindfreak guy is signing autographs in the record store in our building. Meaning a mob of goth-y 15 year olds are outside getting fucking wet.

I worked at a fashion show last night...
It was for a line of jewelry created by an incredibly hot girl with an even hotter twin. I worked the door in the rain, half the people who showed up bitched at me about the X I had to put on their hands to get them in.

It was pretty easy, low-key, working the door was almost boring. The place was full of gorgeous REAL women, but I wasn't paying attention because I was given one of those pens you get at truck stops with a hot girl on it who takes off her clothes when you turn it upside down. I giggled like an 11 year old. It was awesome.

I worked for awhile and then hit up the free booze, had my second ever shot of Patron with my cool ass boss, drank a Stella, and stepped outside to the realization that I am legitimately homeless.

By definition, without a home. So I crashed on my future roommate's girlfriend's couch in Biggie's old neighborhood, to wear the same clothes today.

This post sucks. Have a good weekend. Fuck!

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