Thursday, September 21, 2006

"I can't all be blow and strippers"

They fired an entire label yesterday.

Straight up walked in, and massacred everyone who worked there.

It looked something like this:

Serious. It was so brutal that I found myself in fear for my job, scalp, and balls.

It was odd, I half expected to see grown men crying, or swan diving out of their floor to ceiling windows, but no, all I kept hearing was "welcome to the music business". People were pissed, but they had much better attitudes about it than I would have ever expected.

Anyway, heres the semi-boring post I started to write before I heard about that shit...

Lil' Scrappy was in here yesterday. Nothing major happened, he was cool as hell. I have posters of him right in front of my desk that are cut to be a silhouette of him standing there mugging the shit out of me all day long while I drink coffee and try to look tough. Seriously, these things freak me out to the point that at least 6 times a day I look up convinced that an angry rapper is standing at my desk waiting to talk to me.

I let him know his posters were freaking me out. He thought this was funny.

Thats about it....lame I know, but you dont have anything better.

I finally found a place to live, we moved most of our shit in yesterday and went out to celebrate. The highlight of the night was meeting the shadiest coke dealer ever.

Coke Dealer "You guys screechin' or cruisin"
Cliff "What?"
Coke Dealer "Tryin to get flyin??"
Me "What the fuck? Speak English"
Coke Dealer "You boys wanna get sky high?"
Me "what the hell is going on?"
Coke Dealer "A little sniffy sniff"
Cliff [points at me and laughs] "this is your guy right here."

I dont know how I became "the coke guy" among my friends, I can count the number of times Ive done it on both hands, but I take the opportunity to talk far too loudly about how this guy is the "coolest coke dealer ever!". Coke dealers dont like that kind of recognition. I think when I started shouting about cooking up crack was when he bolted the fuck out of the bar.

Thats it, its fucking thursday. This should be the only music you ever listen to.

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