Friday, September 08, 2006

3rd Reich

The experimental music nerd in me got stroked today...
Steve Reich, one of the pioneers of process music and minimalism (HA, bet you didn't know i was a wanky asshole) came in today and I got to meet him, I also scored a copy of his new box set. If you get a chance, check out "Come Out" a track from 1966..its nuts.

Im working a fashion show next week. Might be going to a Mastodon show tonight. Steelers defense fucking rules.

I hope the training on the Cappuccino machine was helpful. Just wanted to let everyone know that we will keep the large pantry stocked full of milk, sugar, sweet & low etc. I will also order a metal pitcher for the milk, a thermometer (for milk heating), sponges to clean the steam wand off with after each use, and paper towels to line the tray. Ooops I almost forgot to mention the shot glasses (thanks Jimmy!)

I hope you all enjoy the machine.

Have a good weekend.

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