Thursday, November 30, 2006

Whacky phone messages part 7.

Actual text I received...5 times.
It was sent 5 times, the same text. My inbox eventually became full, but I think attempts were made to send it even more.

"will u do me a favor and delete my # No offense i think ur super cool but we r on different pages & im not a fan Good luck with everything it was fun"

I'm not proud of this, but its the most interesting thing thats happened to me in the last 12 hours.

I am a real bastard, apparently...

The odd thing is that I only hung out with this person a few times, and it was definitely casual. We just drank and went to shows and hooked up, the fact that I wasn't available all the time and never really made plans i guess is the straw snapped the camel's spine. Don't know why it has to be so drastic but hey, it was her move and I am cool with it.


Ed said...


I had something like that happen too me a year ago.


“That was really fucking rude. Never call me again.”

I know what you’re thinking, “What did a nice stand up guy like Ed do to receive such a message?”

So there I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Me and my coworkers went out on the town and basically got awkwardly drunk. That night I was really excited to be back in the hotel. While in the elevator I remember thinking: 1) Wow these walls are shiny, it looks like there’s two of me. 2) It’s weird to ride in an elevator by yourself because you could basically do anything you want to, but can you really? The elevator door could open at any moment to show you doing something compromising like taking a nap or talking with your own shiny image.
I wake up to people judging me. Not in a bad way, but that look that screams, “Whoa man, I’m not saying anything, but I’m just saying.” Apparently I threw snowballs, and picked up two girls. Upon getting to my hotel room I left them in the hallway and proceeded to pass out. Did I possibly set up a threesome? Probably. Did I close the deal? No. Did I prove something to myself and those two broads stranded in a five star hotel hallway? I’d like to think so.

Clitoris Rex said...

HA! Fuckin A. Way to go. And you ARE a drunk picker-upper.

drew said...

the best part is the "not a fan" part.