Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More wacky damn phone messages.

"The curse will be lifted from the families of the employees of the label that signs mo' Puffys to a more lucrative record deal than that of baby-raper R. Kelly"

"Oh no, Stevie Knicks will say, oh some people call me all the time. I know what it sounds like...
Do I have a platinum record, do I have an exclusive contract?
I don't know...
Do I have a gold record, do I have two reps?
I don't know...
[Leaves name, phone, agency]
I want a record contract, do I have a platinum record?"

Shit sounded like a fucking limerick read by the whiniest drag queen in history. It had iambic pentameter...I think.

Anyway, my date was fun, she's a cool girl. Extremely cool in fact. I don't know if it will go anywhere since I am about as "relationship ready" as a three-year-old, but I am definitely going to hang out with her again, and we are going to hook each other up with concert tickets and CD's from our respective labels. One hand washes the other. She did say it was "the best date she has ever been on" though...whatever that's worth.

And now, a picture I took a few weekends ago of a bridesmaid doing a kegstand...while getting felt up.

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