Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Seriously. Their videos are way too fucking quiet while their commercials are the loudest things known to man, they will randomly turn up the volume in the middle of 106th & Park to the point that it sounds like its coming out of a broken fucking Teddy Ruxpin. I DONT GIVE A SHIT WHO THE LIVEST AUDIENCE IS, THEY ARE ALL LOUDER THAN SHIT. AND they cancelled Cita's world. Bullshit.

I have to have this channel on all day long because I'm required to have videos playing in the lobby constantly, and BET is the last network that still plays videos.

I have the dance from "Chicken Noodle Soup" memorized. I am not happy about this.

This is not me...

I like all the foreplay on this one...


It's either Dorf's cousin or a problem with the camera...

These guys are the coolest fuckers ever.

This guy is a tool. I also love how no one knows what to do until they hear those magic words, "let it rain, clear it out".

Had enough????? I'm not through yet.

This is ALSO not me...fucking interpretive dance.

White people bug the shit out of me.

what the fuck? ha.

It is.

Broke ass Flava Flav meets The Breakfast Club meets...Sideways....

OK I'm done. I hope this stopped being funny long ago.

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