Thursday, August 17, 2006

Worst post ever

What an idiot...

This isn't really that great but I didn't have anything else to post.
I wrote a long version of this post but decided it was lame and deleted all of it. Short version:

Went out to bars last night to pass out flyers
I was sick, so I decide to take it easy. Stupid fucking plan.
3rd bar, 3 beers in, meet hot 26 yr. old graphic designer by accident.
we hang out.
I no longer decide to take it easy.
Brooklyn Lager
Kamikaze girl shot (girl's idea)
I get mistaken for a gay guy again. Damn I need to assert my hetero status.
She convinces me to skip my last bar and go to her part of Brooklyn with her, which is far as fuck away from my part.
I'm convinced that by doing this, I will get to see her naked.
She tells me she needs to go home and "write emails".
I tell her I will come with her.
She says its ok, I can cart my ass home.
I guarantee her at least one orgasm.
I demand that she make out with me, we do.
I'm still going home alone.
I tell her I have a huge Wang (I don't).
She doesn't buy it, but she is still laughing like hell at me.
I walk her to her door.
Ask for her number (I already have it)
Her: "You already have it. Give me a call sometime"
Me: "What? I'm not calling you."
I walk away, forget my PIN number at the ATM, wake up utterly confused by the time it says on the clock. I convince myself that daylight savings came and went.
I show up late for work.

Anyway, that's that. I giggled like hell all day today about it. Again, go to that party if you are in NYC (see post below). My friends are in town and we're going to see Gnarls Barkley in the park in a half hour. WHOOO.

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