Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen On Television.

Television is usually pretty damn useless. We watch a whole hell of a lot of it, but most of it is hogwash, tripe, drivel, shite...pick your favorite.

Lame as it may be, it has its moments...

Some time in 2002, David Letterman straight up GAVE his whole show to singer Warren Zevon. There were no other guests on the show, it was all Zevon. Why? Zevon had lung cancer and he was going to die. My hungover roommate and I watched in awe on a Tuesday night.

He referred to his cancer coolly as "the flu", and told Dave that his experience has taught him to "enjoy every sandwich".

Now, most people don't even know or care who Warren Zevon is. I didn't (at the time). Letterman didn't care though that no one knew or cared, he cared and he knew, and wanted to let us and Warren know that he cared and knew, so that we would know and care...oh fuck. So he devoted his whole show to this dying genius. It was Zevon's last performance ever.

This is why I like Letterman. Fuck Leno, he wouldn't have the taste to pull this off. He would probably give his show to Kenny Loggins if the the bastard's foot was terminally asleep.

Anyway, here is part of it. Zevon doing "mutineer". The strain you hear in his voice when he sings the word "witness" is because he has fucking LUNG CANCER.

That. Is the greatest thing I've ever seen on television. Second, Darkplace. Third, "What is this, Vassar?".

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