Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I got nothin...

Specific types of people...

Histrionic girls who work in mall clothes stores.
Guys at metal shows with short girlfriends.
Little kids in the back of buses flashing you the peace sign.
Guys on crotch rockets sporting Oakleys, a goatee, or both.
Bouncers who call you "boss".

Thats all I have to write...jesus. Pretty uneventful lately. Im nursing a mild hangover because of this job im doing...I am assigned to different bars, at these bars I am told to pass out flyers. I am also encouraged to "hang out" at these places. Fuckin genius thing to tell a drunk like me.

Tomorrow I have the day off to go party at label CEO's pad on the beach. Should be freakin awesome. If all goes well, I will get inappropriately buzzed and play some intra-office grab-ass.

I will keep you posted.

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