Monday, December 18, 2006

Top anything of anything of 2006 posted in 2007


1. The day I listened to Ma$e- "Harlem World" all day. I heard "Jealous Guys" about 8 times. "I go by the name of Puff Daddy, and I'm a Scorpio....and I'm not a jealous guy." November 10th, a day that will live in infamy.

2. The chicken provolone sandwich from Bread Market on 52nd.

3. Ratatat- Lex. Again, shit sounds like Yngwie Malmsteen chopped up into a huge 6.arena banger.

4. Hot Chip- over and over. We'll give you laid back, motherfucker.

5. Turbulence- Notorious. The only dancehall I listened to all year.

6. T.I.'s verse on Justin Timberlakes's "My love". "If you don't come I ain't gon' die" he says. This guy.....

7. Denny greens meltdown after COMPLETELY shooting himself in the balls and handing them over for the Chicago Bears.

8. Darkplace. God damnit.

9. The trailer for 300. This could be the greatest or worst movie ever, I don't care. The trailer kicks fucking ass. In the year 2000, there will be awards shows for trailers. I called it.

10. My finding a house in queens. Second only to the first time had sex there. Christened the joint.

11. Beautiful/Decay Issue P release party. I promoted it, and you didn't go. Fools.

12. Clark- Body Riddle. One of the most listenable experimental IDM albums I've heard in a long time. Not just listenable, the sounds this guy comes up with are downright loveable. The transition from the track "Herzog" into the song "Ted" makes me moist.

13. The Jamie Lidell/Battles/Chris Clark show in NYC. The highlight for me was....all of it.

14. This. Both the video and the song. Fuck.

15. Feast. Own that movie. 80 minutes of people dying in horrific ways for no apparent reason.

16. TV on the Radio: Wolf like me. I spent weeks ONLY listening to that track. I'm not joking.

17. My Fantasy Football team, week 12. Thanks Drew Brees

18. Scoring E-40’s spare alcohol.

19. These:

20. This video. Because fucking with drunk passed out people sits right next to people falling down as the funniest possible shit in the world. Also because Kanye had a shit fit in the UK when this video beat out his video for "touch the sky" as "Best Video Ever" or something.

21. Gnarls Barkley. Fuck the hype. Somehow they created the most universally appealing music in decades. The hood loved it, my 16 year old sister loved it, my Dad loved it.

22. Clipse- Hell hath no fury. Remember when Neptunes made sparse-ass dirty beats? It's all here.

23. Ghostface- Fishscale. For a lot of reasons, the name, the track "Shaky Dog", and the "Directions to Heart Street" skit.

24. Liars- Drum's not Dead. I don't know why. That album does things to me.

25. This video. Whenever it came on at work, I was unable to stand for about 9 minutes. So much damn sex appeal.

26. Seeing this live. Good god. And yes, he is "playing" old NES systems. I saw dude actually blow on the cartridge. The crowd might be the real star here. They make being dorks look almost sweet. Almost.

27. My drunk ex-friend in full on histrionic mode. She will kill me for this.

28. This too. For no real reason other than the NES nostalgia.

29. Every blowjob I received in a cab this year.

Ok thats it, shittiest list ever.

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Joe Tower said...

So I decided I really need to comment on these after I read them.

First impressions and shit. This is a second impression. Good list.
tvotr and tom waits.. can't go wrong.

a place to live in nice too.