Monday, July 24, 2006

Fuck up a record deal??

I’m a moron.

About two weeks into my new job here, I'm told to watch an assistant's phone for "five minutes". Im not that good at these damn phones, but this particular assistant is hot and has a big butt so I have too much of a half-stock to ask for help.

Inevitably, this phone rings, I pick up, and there’s no one there. So I panic and hit the only other active line. I start saying, “Hello? Helloooo? How can I help you?? Helloooo?”. Im sure my thick midwest accent makes me sould like a dipshit. All I hear is a cacophony of voices on the other end. So I continue being a moron, “Hellooooo?”. A label exec runs out of his office saying “Dude, what the fuck?? HANG. UP. THE PHONE.” Turns out I had stumbled into a multi-coastal conference call with Paris Hilton.

I feel like a jerk and dont talk to anyone for the rest of the day.

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