Thursday, May 15, 2008

Holga Shots in Sunnyside

I'm not much of a photographer, but I can really understand what draws them...

I took a night a few weeks back, a clear night. I think it was Sunday. The week had piled its typical heap of stresses and ideas on top of me, and I reacted by grabbing my crappy tripod, and my crappy-on-purpose Holga (plastic hulk of a camera) and hit the streets of Queens.

There is some bliss in walking around, looking. You enter a mode where you look at everything, looking for the highest content of beauty possible in any subject. Its a cool mode to be in, to surrender most of your other senses to your sight, and to how what you see makes you feel.

It was a good time. Photogs, I feel for you guys. I get it now.

Here are some highlights from that trip, and a bonus one I took of my Dad at the lake.

Have a good day.


Durkin said...

woah, they are some interesting shots mate!

Clitoris Rex said...

wow, thanks man. love your site!

Durkin said...

thanks for looking. I just got back some pictures from my holga and my Lubital 166b and they are so sweet, just need to find a working scanner...:(

Fancy doing a link exchange?

Clitoris Rex said...

Nice. Of course. I will add your link now, always happy to help out the Holga cause.

Joe Tower said...

I really dig the Holga stuff. Nice work.