Thursday, February 01, 2007

So apparently I review tracks now.

Juelz Santana (ft. Lil Wayne): "Black Republicans"

The pre-track banter makes the whole damn thing worthwhile. Weezy sounds fuckin DRUNK in the beginning, "that's that 'can't feel my face' shit". His flow sounds a little oiled-up also, but not in a bad way, like that time you "slayed" some dude while waiting in line for the bathroom at Southpaw. Or the time I grabbed the mic at my graduation party. Like that.

And Juelz? Hilarious. “Have my London boys English muffin you”. “Fuck a tongue, she put a lung on it”. That dipset fuckin NONSENSE that is so fun to listen to.

By the time Wayne said he would "get all in her mouth like Polident" I almost fell off my chair at work. Sorry Grandma.

Get it here.

And now...
Shady Milos

Gross. You can keep that, to redeem an otherwise lazy post.

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