Thursday, January 25, 2007

"and then people need to get killed by it to know its there"

Some bunz ass CDs for you.

Rooney Real just woke up in someone's front yard. "Rooney!! Look more REAL! The camera loves you baby!"

Michael Cole has a guitar boner and wants to tell everyone about it.

No. I don't want to.

This guy did his cover art in a booth, in a mall, in Pennsylvania, and then paid for it.

Poetical is a word now. I called it.

Seriously, FUCK the papyrus font and fuck your serene picture. Papyrus does not make everything look "mystical" and "earthy" it makes you look like a fuckbag.

No. YOU Spend some time.

"I've seen gay-er things, but not today"

This is just great. I cant make fun of this. "Vehicular Bump-a-side" might be the coolest phrase I have ever heard. Ever.

I might buy this one, because I reeeeally want to know what happens to Little Suck-a-Thumb and Flying Robert.


It is extremely challenging.


Wanna look like a complete tool? Everything you need is right here.

FUCKING FUCK THE PAPYRUS FONT. Seriously, if you have ever used this to try and make your shit look cool, leave, don't ever come here again.

Ok so yeah it was unrelated to anything, but I just found this website ( where aspiring musicians can design their own CD packaging and get it printed. I could look at the gallery on that site for hours for the staggering amount of assholes with chauncey ass packaging. Its a worn out blogger bit, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style ragging on some poor sucker who takes himself seriously, but I dont give a fuck. This shit is too funny.

I really hope some of these artists find this and get mad at me. They won't.

I will be back to the booze thing a little later, no worries.


Ogre said...

Oh my god, I am so proud that my afternoon yesterday wasn't wasted.

Anthony said...

Co-sign on "Vehicular Bump-a-cide"