Monday, November 12, 2007

"Don't Crucify Me Bro"

My boy Andrew over at Metropop has been taking full advantage of yer-boy-as-free-labor these days...I think this is the 5th review I have put in for their upcoming issue.

Fuck it though, I love writing, and the 100 word format is like trying to have an orgy in an outhouse. Great times.

Other than that, my sister was just out in New York (she helped write one of these) and I got a tattoo.

Can - Anthology
Well I was going to write a really snarky review here that name dropped James Murphy (the guitarist from Disincarnate and the hairy DFA guy), !!!, James Joyce, Gong, and your mom, but then this song, “Halleluwah” from CAN’s Tago Mago came on and I just gave up. I am now lost in the rhythmic absurdity that makes this band so damn great. This 2 disc set is a perfect collection of their music (for an absolute beginner like myself) that had me smacking my forehead repeatedly. I now know that CAN is responsible for all that time I’ve spent listening to Boredoms, Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, Battles, and LCD Soundsystem …there I go name-dropping again…shit.

Beach House – Devotion
Yes, this is supposed to be all dreamy and lo-fi and quaint, but in the words of my sister (she’s 17 and really likes Cute is What We Aim For), “it’s kind of boring”. Devotion, the second album from indie darlings Beach House is full of great melodies, slow reverb, and distant tambourine slaps, which would be really cool if I was being seduced by Natalie Portman in a Wes Anderson flick…but I’m not. Instead I’m in my apartment, its raining, and I am illegally downloading The Darjeeling Limited.


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Stunt said...

Yeah, Beach House didn't really do it for me, either. They weren't Hawkwind-ish enough to be Besnard Lakes, and weren't cutesy enough to be Belle and Sebastian. Being twee is like riding a bull: do it, or don't. Otherwise, the lord will smite you and break your legs.