Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bjork Live

Here is the show from MSG. The link will expire in a few days.
Bjork - MSG 9-24-07 (Part 1)
Bjork - MSG 9-24-07 (Part 2)

It was a great show for a Bjork show, I really only paid attention when the beats were involved.

Check out 'Hyperballad' where Mark Bell flips and throws on his classic, "Freak" by LFO.

And the end of 'Declare Independence' when she marches the boys from Justice on stage to bug out on the ReacTable.

Enjoy this Mr. Hower.


Joe Tower said...

Thanks Clitface!

It almost makes up for you being a deutsch nozzle.

Clitoris Rex said...

Your mom is a dutch nozzle.

Stunt said...

YouSendIt?? Did you upload that album before, or after you used a Cotton Gin, and played your Atari2600.

MediaFire is the place to be. Late Pass not given.

Clitoris Rex said...

Your Mom is a Cotton Gin.